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Increased focus on JavaScript performance has resulted in vast performance improvements for many benchmarks. However, for actual code used in websites, the attained improvements often lag far behind those for popular benchmarks. This paper shows that the main reason behind this short-fall is how the compiler understands types. JavaScript has no concept of(More)
The stereochemical course of the argininosuccinate synthetase reaction has been determined. The SP isomer of [alpha-17O,alpha-18O,alpha beta-18O]ATP is cleaved to (SP)-[16O,17O,18O]AMP by the action of argininosuccinate synthetase in the presence of citrulline and aspartate. The overall stereochemical transformation is therefore net inversion, and thus the(More)
The same flexibility that makes dynamic scripting languages appealing to programmers is also the primary cause of their low performance. To access objects of potentially different types, the compiler creates a dispatcher with a series of if statements, each performing a comparison to a type and a jump to a handler. This induces major overhead in(More)
In cache-based side channel attacks, a spy that shares a cache with a victim probes cache locations to extract information on the victim's access patterns. For example, in evict+reload, the spy repeatedly evicts and then reloads a probe address, checking if the victim has accessed the address in between the two operations. While there are many proposals to(More)
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