Thomas Seemann

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It is demonstrated that water-soluble, glucosylated poly(pentafluorostyrene) derivatives revealed favorable coating material properties for magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles. To prepare the coating material in high reproducibility and purity as well as in sufficient amounts, a new route of synthesis is established. The preparation and characterization of(More)
Replicating the biocomplexity of native extracellular matrices (ECM) is critical for a deeper understanding of biochemical signals influencing bone homeostasis. This will foster the development of bioinspired biomaterials with adjustable bone-inducing properties. Collagen-based coatings containing single HA derivatives have previously been reported to(More)
Prediction markets have proven high forecasting performance in many areas such as politics, sports and business-related fields compared to traditional instruments such as polls or expert opinions. The advantage of real-money prediction markets is to provide participants with a clear incentive to reveal their true opinion on the outcome of an event. However,(More)
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