Thomas Sebastian Benedikt Schmidt

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We applied spFRET microscopy for direct observation of intranucleosomal DNA dynamics. Mononucleosomes, reconstituted with DNA containing a FRET pair at the dyad axis and exit of the nucleosome core particle, were immobilized through a 30 bp DNA tether on a polyethyleneglycol functionalized slide and visualized using Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence(More)
Various movement parameters of grasping movements, like velocity or type of the grasp, have been successfully decoded from neural activity. However, the question of movement event detection from brain activity, that is, decoding the time at which an event occurred (e.g. movement onset), has been addressed less often. Yet, this may be a topic of key(More)
The demarcation of operational taxonomic units (OTUs) from complex sequence data sets is a key step in contemporary studies of microbial ecology. However, as biologically motivated 'optimal' OTU-binning algorithms remain elusive, many conceptually distinct approaches continue to be used. Using a global data set of 887 870 bacterial 16S rRNA gene sequences,(More)
Operational Taxonomic Units (OTUs), usually defined as clusters of similar 16S/18S rRNA sequences, are the most widely used basic diversity units in large-scale characterizations of microbial communities. However, it remains unclear how well the various proposed OTU clustering algorithms approximate 'true' microbial taxa. Here, we explore the ecological(More)
During a study on the mTor pathway in the rat kidney we observed a striking increase of the phosphorylation of the S6 kinase in mitosis. In cryostat sections of perfusion-fixed tissue mitotic cells appeared as bright spots in immunofluorescence using an antibody specific for the phosphorylation site Thr421/Ser424. They were easily spotted in overviews with(More)
Amphibians, a class of animals in global decline, are present in agricultural landscapes characterized by agrochemical inputs. Effects of pesticides on terrestrial life stages of amphibians such as juvenile and adult frogs, toads and newts are little understood and a specific risk assessment for pesticide exposure, mandatory for other vertebrate groups, is(More)
Biological soil crusts (BSCs) provide important ecosystem services in dryland regions, including erosion control and contribution to nitrogen and CO2 fixation. As soil microorganisms are still rarely studied within the context of biodiversity planning, we describe, as a contribution to the Soil Crust International project, an approach that addresses this(More)
Recent advances in live cell imaging have provided a wealth of data on the dynamics of transcription factors. However, a consistent quantitative description of these dynamics, explaining how transcription factors find their target sequences in the vast amount of DNA inside the nucleus, is still lacking. In the present study, we have combined two(More)
Docker has become a very popular container-based virtualization platform for software distribution that has revolutionized the way in which scientific software and software dependencies (software stacks) can be packaged, distributed, and deployed. Docker makes the complex and time-consuming installation procedures needed for scientific software a one-time(More)
Aggregation of α-synuclein has been linked to both familial and sporadic Parkinson's disease. Recent studies suggest that α-synuclein aggregates may spread from cell to cell and raise questions about the propagation of neurodegeneration. While continuous progress has been made characterizing α-synuclein aggregates in vitro, there is a lack of information(More)