Thomas Scott

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When an observer (O) uses a map (M) whose orientation does not correspond to the orientation of the environment (E) in which performance occurs, substantial errors occur: these are called map alignment effects. Much of the prior research on map/environment (M/E) alignment has involved maps of simple paths, although alignment effects have also been(More)
In the current work carbon-supported nano-scale zero-valent iron particles (CS nZVI), synthesised by the vacuum heat treatment of ferric citrate trihydrate absorbed onto carbon black, have been tested for the removal of uranium (U) from natural and synthetic waters. Two types of CS nZVI were tested, one vacuum annealed at 600 °C for 4 h and the other vacuum(More)
in the MS Forensics program. Foundation in theory and practice of forensic DNA analysis; past, present , and emerging technologies; legal and quality assurance issues. DNA extraction, DNA quantita-tion, multiplex amplification of STR loci, capillary electrophoresis of amplified products, and analysis of STR typing data. (Same course as Forensic Science(More)
The Isocage™ system is Tecniplast's safe and flexible answer to all your containment and quarantine needs. The Isocage System consists of a dedicated cage, rack and air handling unit and a dedicated Class II Biosafety Station. The Ventilating Rack and air handling unit work in concert with our cages to provide you the most ergonomically advanced and(More)
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