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With more patients reaching end-stage renal disease, the demand for living kidney donation is increasing rapidly. Many potential donors are now in older age groups. The effects of increasing BP with age and the measurement criteria for hypertension in this group are not well defined. A total of 238 potential donors between 18 and 72 yr of age were(More)
Xit is a tool for building user interfaces for the X Window System. Diierent system layers are provided corresponding to diierent abstraction levels on which user interfaces may be constructed by user interface programmers, application programmers, or end users. The system includes toolkits with object-oriented programming interfaces based on Common Lisp(More)
We consider an elliptic boundary value problem in a polygonal domain. We propose a Galerkin boundary element method with wavelet basis functions. We show that the cost of the method is O(N log k N) and yields the solution with the same convergence rates as the exact Galerkin method, including superconvergence in interior points. By adding ner wavelets only(More)