Thomas Schuster

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— To meet fast changing demands on modern software architectures the ambition to shorten and improve software development processes has increased. The approach of model-driven software development focuses models as specification of software and on transformations of those models to finally get source code. The advantage of the model-driven approach still(More)
The approximate inverse is a scheme to obtain stable numerical inversion formull for linear operator equations of the rst kind. Yet, in some applications the computation of a crucial ingredient, the reconstruction kernel, is time-consuming and instable. It may even happen that the kernel does not exist for a particular semi-discrete system. To cure this(More)
The approximate inverse is a powerful tool for solving first kind operator equations in a stable way. Its abstract convergence and stability theory developed in our articles [SIAM 2003] is applied to the reconstruction problem of 3D-vector field tomography resulting in a reconstruction algorithm of filtered backprojection type. For an analytically computed(More)
SDR enables cost-effective multi-mode terminals but still suffers from significant energy penalty when compared to dedicated hardware solutions. At system level, this energy bottleneck can be leveraged capitalizing on heterogeneous MPSOC platforms where specific engines are dedicated to classes of functions with similar computation characteristics and duty(More)