Thomas Schoenau

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Tonometric measurement of gastric intramural pH (pHi) is a noninvasive method to assess adequacy of splanchnic perfusion. Calculation of pHi may be influenced by various factors. This prospective study was designed to determine if stress ulcer prophylaxis with sucralfate interferes with pHi measurement. Twenty-five adult patients admitted to the intensive(More)
show the kinetics of antigen and antibody binding in real-time without significant contribution of signal from background fluorescence. We also show how single molecule analysis allows determination of the labeling efficiency of the antibody bound to the surface. By analyzing the bleaching steps of individual fluorophores at a given location, we can(More)
We report on the development of a three-axis absolute vector magnetometer suited for mobile operation in the Earth's magnetic field. It is based on low critical temperature dc superconducting quantum interference devices (LTS dc SQUIDs) with sub-micrometer sized cross-type Josephson junctions and exhibits a white noise level of about 10 fT/Hz(1/2). The(More)
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