Thomas Schmitz-Rode

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The estimation of the force generated by an activated muscle is of high relevance not only in biomechanical studies but also more and more in clinical applications in which the information about the muscle forces supports the physician's decisions on diagnosis and treatment. The surface electromyographic signal (sEMG) reflects the degree of activation of(More)
An electromagnetic-based tracking and navigation system was evaluated for interventional radiology. The electromagnetic tracking system (CAPPA IRAD EMT, CASinnovations, Erlangen, Germany) was used for real-time monitoring of punctures of the lumbar facet joints and intervertebral disks in a spine phantom, three pig cadavers and three anaesthesized pigs.(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this paper was to establish non-invasive CT-based temperature monitoring during hepatic radiofrequency (RF) ablation in an ex vivo porcine model followed by transfer of the technique into a feasibility in vivo experiment. MATERIALS AND METHODS Bipolar RF ablations were performed in 10 specimens of porcine liver. Parallel to the(More)
To compare the effectiveness of microwave (MW) ablation with radiofrequency (RF) ablation for treating breast tissue in a nonperfused ex vivo model of healthy bovine udder tissue. MW ablations were performed at power outputs of 25W, 35W, and 45W using a 915-MHz frequency generator and a 2-cm active tip antenna. RF ablations were performed with a bipolar RF(More)
Risk factors for acute venous occlusion range from prolonged immobilization to hypercoagulability syndromes, trauma, and malignancy. The aim of this review article is to illustrate the different imaging options for the diagnosis of acute venous occlusion and to assess the value of interventional strategies for venous thrombosis treatment in an emergency(More)
The aim of this study was to assess imaging findings of posterior semicircular dehiscence on computed tomography and to evaluate incidence of posterior and superior semicircular canal dehiscence in patients presenting with vertigo, sensorineuronal hearing loss or in a control group without symptoms related to the inner ear. Computed tomography was(More)
The purpose of the study was to obtain reference values for the sizes of anatomical structures of the inner ear on computed tomography (CT) images and to compare these values with those obtained from patients with Menière’s disease. CT images of the temporal bone of 67 patients without inner ear pathology and 53 patients with Menière’s disease have been(More)
Current protocols for surveillance after endovascular repair (EVAR) of abdominal aortic aneurysms are mostly based on costly and time-consuming imaging procedures and aim to detect adverse events such as graft migration, endoleaks or aneurysm sac enlargement. These imaging procedures are either associated with radiation exposure to the patients or may be(More)
The objective of this study was to assess the technical feasibility of CT-guided magnetic thermoablation for the treatment of malignant kidney tumors in a VX2 tumor rabbit model. VX2 tumors were implanted into the kidneys of five rabbits and allowed to grow for 2 weeks. After preinterventional CT perfusion imaging, CT-guided injection of superparamagnetic(More)
Autologous fibrin-based tissue-engineered heart valves have demonstrated excellent potential as patient-derived valve replacements. The present pilot study aims to evaluate the structure and mechanical durability of fibrin-based heart valves after implantation in a large-animal model (sheep). Tissue-engineered heart valves were molded using a fibrin(More)