Thomas Schmidt

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Yeast cells can initiate bud formation at the G1/S transition in a cue-independent manner. Here, we investigate the dynamic nature of the polar cap and the regulation of the GTPase Cdc42 in the establishment of cell polarity. Using analysis of fluorescence recovery after photobleaching, we found that Cdc42 exchanged rapidly between the polar caps and(More)
Visual stimuli may remain invisible but nevertheless produce strong and reliable effects on subsequent actions. How well features of a masked prime are perceived depends crucially on its physical parameters and those of the mask. We manipulated the visibility of masked stimuli and contrasted it with their influence on the speed of motor actions, comparing(More)
Current theories of dual visual systems suggest that color is processed in a ventral cortical stream that eventually gives rise to visual awareness but is only indirectly involved in visuomotor control mediated by the dorsal stream. If the dorsal stream is indeed less sensitive to color than the ventral stream, color stimuli blocked from awareness by visual(More)
Sugar beet (Beta vulgaris ssp. vulgaris) is an important crop of temperate climates which provides nearly 30% of the world's annual sugar production and is a source for bioethanol and animal feed. The species belongs to the order of Caryophylalles, is diploid with 2n = 18 chromosomes, has an estimated genome size of 714-758 megabases and shares an ancient(More)
To demonstrate unconscious cognition, researchers commonly compare a direct measure (D) of awareness for a critical stimulus with an indirect measure (I) showing that the stimulus was cognitively processed at all. We discuss and empirically demonstrate three types of dissociation with distinct appearances in D-I plots, in which direct and indirect effects(More)
In the last decade evidence has accumulated that small domains of 50-700 nm in diameter are located in the exoplasmic leaflet of the plasma membrane. Most of these domains supposedly consist of specific sets of lipids and proteins, and are believed to coordinate signal transduction cascades. Whether similar domains are also present in the cytoplasmic(More)
A popular approach in comparative genomics is to locate groups or clusters of orthologous genes in multiple genomes and to postulate functional association between the genes contained in such clusters. To this end, genomes are often represented as permutations of their genes, and common intervals, i.e. intervals containing the same set of genes, are(More)
Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) is a relatively common autosomal recessive neuromuscular disorder. We have identified de novo rearrangements in 7 (approximately 2%) index patients from 340 informative SMA families. In each, the rearrangements resulted in the absence of the telomeric copy of the survival motor neuron (SMN) gene (telSMN), in two cases(More)
We tested the influence of two horizontally aligned visual landmarks on pointing movements to memorized targets, to investigate whether the visuomotor system can make use of an egocentric representation unaffected by visual context. The endpoints of pointing movements were systematically distorted toward the nearest visual landmark, indicating that spatial(More)
Degenerate primers deduced from the TPase region of plant En/Spm-like transposons allowed the amplification of similar sequences from various plant species including sugar beet, wheat and pea. These primers are efficient tools for the detection of this family of transposons in many plant genomes irrespective of sequence knowledge or phenotypic pecularities.(More)