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The first step in injury prevention is to understand the injury problem. This includes examining the nature of the problem from the perspective of the target community. This article uses qualitative methods to explain the nature of the injury problem and identifies prevention strategies through a three-step process: identify a causal model, validate the(More)
OBJECTIVES We draw on cognitive discrepancy theory to hypothesize and test a pathway from poor health to loneliness in later life. We hypothesize that poor health will have a negative influence on social participation and social resources, and these factors will mediate between health and loneliness. We hypothesize that rural environments will amplify any(More)
We deene noncommutative analogues of the characters of the symmetric group which are induced by transitive cyclic subgroups (cyclic characters). We investigate their properties by means of the formalism of noncommutative symmetric functions. The main result is a multiplication formula whose commutative projection gives a combinatorial formula for the(More)
In this contribution, a systematic procedure for control structure selection based on rigorous models is presented. The basic idea is that a feedback controller that regulates certain measurable quantities to their set-points should steer the process towards its economic optimum in the presence of disturbances and model uncertainties. This part of the(More)
Wearable electronics are gaining widespread use as enabling technologies, monitoring human physical activity and behavior as part of connected health infrastructures. Attention to human factors and comfort of these devices can greatly positively influence user experience, with a subsequently higher likelihood of user acceptance and lower levels of device(More)
BACKGROUND Although noise is one of the leading work-related health risk factors for teachers, many nursery schools lack sufficient noise reduction measures. METHODS This intervention study evaluated the noise exposure of nursery school teachers when dropping DUPLO toy bricks into storage cases. Sound analyses of the impact included assessment of the(More)