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  • Ute Reisinger, Stefan Schwaiger, Iris Zeller, Barbara Messner, Robert Stigler, Dominik Wiedemann +9 others
  • 2009
AIMS Despite the lower patency of venous compared with arterial coronary artery bypass grafts, approximately 50% of grafts used are saphenous vein conduits because of their easier accessibility. In a search for ways to increase venous graft patency, we applied the results of a previous pharmacological study screening for non-toxic compounds that inhibit(More)
Despite the very important use of arterial bypass conduits, vein grafts remain one cornerstone in coronary surgery. Newer studies show a saphenous vein graft patency of about 60% at 10 years postoperatively. This article reviews the in vivo (animal) models of vein graft disease. According to the different models, the findings on pathology of graft(More)
The effects of cold storage using Custodiol® (Histidine-Tryptophan-Ketoglutarate, HTK) or isotonic saline solution on mitochondrial function in hearts (left and rights ventricles) and various blood vessels of pigs were investigated. Hearts, saphenous veins, internal-mammary-arteries and aortas of male landrace pigs were harvested and exposed to cold(More)
PATIENTS AND METHODS 140 patients with aortic dissection type A were admitted for cardiac surgery. Seventy-seven patients experienced their dissection in the winter season (from November to April). We analyzed cases of ascending aortic dissection associated with alpine skiing. RESULTS In 17 patients we found skiing-related aortic dissections. Skiers were(More)
With interest, we read the article by Sarris et al. that demonstrated a number of considerable early and late complications of interventionally placed atrial septal defect (ASD) closure devices [1]. A series of 56 patients is reported. It would be important to know how many interventionally implanted ASD-closure devices were implanted in these centers.(More)
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