Thomas S. Thacher

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Children with calcium-deficiency rickets may have increased vitamin D requirements and respond differently to vitamin D(2) and vitamin D(3). Our objective was to compare the metabolism of vitamins D(2) and D(3) in rachitic and control children. We administered an oral single dose of vitamin D(2) or D(3) of 1.25 mg to 49 Nigerian children--28 with active(More)
Rickets has emerged as a public-health problem in Bangladesh during the past two decades, with up to 8% of children clinically affected in some areas. Insufficiency of dietary calcium is thought to be the underlying cause, and treatment with calcium (350-1,000 mg elemental calcium daily) is curative. Despite this apparently simple treatment, little is known(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether children with calcium-deficiency rickets have a better response to treatment with vitamin D and calcium than with calcium alone. DESIGN Randomised controlled trial. SETTING Jos University Teaching Hospital, Jos, Nigeria. POPULATION Nigerian children with active rickets treated with calcium carbonate as limestone(More)
ESFF is a rule-based force field designed for modeling organic, inorganic, and organometallic systems. To cover this broad range of molecular systems, ESFF was developed in an extensible and systematic manner. Several unique features were introduced including pseudoangle and a dot product function representing torsion energy terms. The partial atomic(More)
Atrial fibrillation (AF) is an increasingly common cardiac arrhythmia. Many patients with new onset or recurrent AF present to the emergency department and are subsequently admitted to the hospital and seen by cardiology specialists for follow up. In an attempt to address this high utilization of acute health care resources, reduce costs, and improve(More)
BACKGROUND Presumptive diagnosis of malaria is widespread, even where microscopy is available. As fever is very nonspecific, this often leads to over diagnosis, drug wastage and loss of opportunity to consider alternative causes of fever, hence the need to improve on the clinical diagnosis of malaria. MATERIALS AND METHODS In a prospective cross-sectional(More)
Uncovering useful lead compounds from a vast virtual library of synthesizable compounds continues to be of tremendous interest to pharmaceutical researchers. Here we present the concept of Basis Products (BPs), a new and broadly applicable method for achieving efficient selections from a combinatorial library. By definition, Basis Products are a(More)
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