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SFI WORKING PAPER: 1994-08-046 SFI Working Papers contain accounts of scientific work of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the views of the Santa Fe Institute. We accept papers intended for publication in peer-reviewed journals or proceedings volumes, but not papers that have already appeared in print. Except for papers by our external faculty,(More)
Tumor-targeting antibodies have been successful in the treatment of various types of cancers. Antibodies engage the immune system with their Fc, stimulating immune cell effector function. In the clinic, FcγRIIIa polymorphisms with higher affinity for the Fc of antibodies were shown to improve response rates and overall survival. Efforts have been made to(More)
In addition to halide oxidation, the vanadium haloperoxidases are capable of oxidizing sulfides to sulfoxides. Four vanadium complexes with tripodal amine ligands, K[VO(O(2))(heida)] (1), VO(2)(bpg) (2), K[VO(2)(ada)] (3), and K(2)[VO(O(2))(nta)] (4), previously shown to perform bromide oxidation (Colpas, G. J.; Hamstra, B. J.; Kampf, J. W.; Pecoraro, V. L.(More)
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