Thomas S Hurst

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STUDY OBJECTIVES A study was conducted to evaluate the acute health effects of wearing an N-95 disposable respirator in a swine confinement facility. DESIGN A crossover trial design was used in the study. SETTING The study was carried out at the research facilities of the Centre for Agricultural Medicine, the Royal University Hospital, and the Prairie(More)
A 29-year-old woman presented with severe refractory intraoperative wheezing and airflow limitation that resolved spontaneously. Contrast-enhanced computed tomographic (CT) scan of the thorax confirmed a right-sided aortic arch. Variable intrathoracic large airway obstruction that worsened markedly when the patient was in a supine position and slightly more(More)
BACKGROUND Although mechanical ventilation (MV) is a major supportive therapy for patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome, it may result in side effects including lung injury. In this study we hypothesize that MMP-9 inhibition by doxycycline might reduce MV-related lung damage. Using a proteomic approach we identified the pulmonary proteins(More)
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