Thomas S Giannopoulos

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Peroxidation of lipids produces low-molecular-weight carbonyl compounds, which are reactive with biological nucleophiles. The analysis of these compounds is often difficult. A multicomponent method for the determination of 11 of them in biological samples is reported. The samples are subjected to a pretreatment-derivatization procedure followed by gas(More)
Four organic-modified clays based on a SWy-2 montmorillonite were prepared by embedding ammonium organic derivatives with different chelating functionalities (NH(2), COOH, SH or CS(2)) in the interlayer space of montmorillonite. Organic molecules such as (a) hexamethylenediamine, (b) 2-(dimethylamino)ethenethiol, (c) 5-aminovaleric acid and (d)(More)
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