Thomas S. Ebert

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Inflammasome activation culminates in activation of caspase-1, which leads to the maturation and subsequent release of cytokines of the interleukin 1 (IL-1) family and results in a particular form of cell death known as pyroptosis. In addition, in the murine system, a so-called non-canonical inflammasome involving caspase-11 has been described that directly(More)
Human SAMHD1 is a triphosphohydrolase that restricts the replication of retroviruses, retroelements and DNA viruses in noncycling cells. While modes of action have been extensively described for human SAMHD1, only little is known about the regulation of SAMHD1 in the mouse. Here, we characterize the antiviral activity of murine SAMHD1 with the help of(More)
The site-specific insertion of heterologous genetic material into genomes provides a powerful means to study gene function. Here we describe a modular system entitled CRISPaint (CRISPR-assisted insertion tagging) that allows precise and efficient integration of large heterologous DNA cassettes into eukaryotic genomes. CRISPaint makes use of the CRISPR-Cas9(More)
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