Thomas Ruwart

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Advancements in storage technology along with the fast deployment of high-speed networks has allowed the storage, transmission and manipulation of multimedia information such as text, graphics, still images, video and audio to be feasible. Our study focused on the performance of the mass storage system for a large-scale video-on-demand server. Different(More)
—In this paper we look at the performance characteristics of three tools used to move large data sets over dedicated long distance networking infrastructure. Although performance studies of wide area networks have been a frequent topic of interest, performance analyses have tended to focus on network latency characteristics and peak throughput using network(More)
* Quality of Service (QoS) is crucial for certain applications such as multimedia. As the Object-based Storage Device (OSD) protocol emerges as the next generation storage technology, QoS provisioning for OSD-based systems has also received a great deal of attention. In this paper, we propose a QoS framework for OSD-based storage system that integrates both(More)
With the growing popularity of storage area networks (SANs) and clustered, shared file systems, the file system is becoming a distinct and critical part of a system environment. Because the file system mitigates access to data on a mass storage subsystem, it has certain behavioral and functional characteristics that affect I/O performance from an(More)
The InTENsity PowerWall is a display system used for high-resolution visualization of very large volumetric data sets. The display is linked to two separate computing environments consisting of more than a dozen computer systems. Linking these systems is a common shared storage subsystem that allows a great deal of flexibility in the way visualization data(More)
The bandwidth performance of a Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop (FCAL) is roughly defined to be 100 MegaBytes (10 6 bytes) per second. Furthermore, FCAL is capable of a theoretical peak of 40,000 I/O operations (transactions) per second., These performance levels, however, are largely not realized by the applications that use Fibre Channel as an interface to(More)
Obtaining consistent bandwidth with predictable la-tency from disk-based storage systems has proven difficult due to the storage system's inability to understand Quality of Service (QoS) requirements. In this paper, we present a feasibility study of QoS with the Object-based Storage Device (OSD) specification. We look at OSD's ability to provide QoS(More)
* This paper describes a simple but effective method to generate and observe the effects of external vibration on the read and write bandwidth of a disk drive. Furthermore, it quantifies these effects as a first-order numerical approximation. This paper is not intended to rate disk drives relative to manufacturer, model, size, form factor, …etc. Rather it(More)