Thomas Russell

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OBJECTIVE To determine the incidence of burnout among American surgeons and evaluate personal and professional characteristics associated with surgeon burnout. BACKGROUND : Burnout is a syndrome of emotional exhaustion and depersonalization that leads to decreased effectiveness at work. A limited amount of information exists about the relationship between(More)
Experience with thirty-two patients with a low rectovaginal fistula with or without attendant sphincter damage is reported. The technic used is advancement of the anterior rectal wall with excision of the infected anal glandular tissue and repair of muscle tissue when indicated. Anorectal infection and childbirth injuries were the common causes. An(More)
A refined endoscopically controlled percutaneous tube gastrostomy has been described in detail, and the experience gained in 28 patients has been reported herein. A majority of the patients had severe underlying neurologic disorders, malignancy of the oral pharynx or esophagus or chronic intestinal obstruction due to advanced malignancy. The three groups of(More)
BACKGROUND Laparoscopic-assisted colectomy (LAC) has gained acceptance for the treatment of colon cancer. However, long-term outcomes of LAC have not been examined at the national level outside of experienced centers. OBJECTIVE To compare use and outcomes of LAC and open colectomy (OC). DESIGN Retrospective cohort study. SETTING National Cancer Data(More)
Ongoing horizon scanning is needed to identify new procedures and emerging technologies that should be evaluated for introduction into surgical practice. Following evidence-based evaluation, if a new modality is found ready for adoption in practice, surgeons need education in the safe and effective use of the new modality. The educational experience should(More)
This nonrandomized series reports the use of autologous fibrin glue to treat complex rectovaginal and anorectal fistulas. The use of an autologous source to prepare fibrin glue eliminates the risk of disease transmission. Ten patients, six women and four men, with complex fistulas were treated with autologous fibrin glue application. Five patients had(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the effect of delay from surgical admission to induction of anesthesia on outcomes after appendectomy for acute appendicitis in adults. DESIGN Retrospective cohort study with the principal exposure being time to operation. Regression models yielded probabilities of outcomes adjusted for patient and operative risk factors. SETTING(More)
BACKGROUND Examination of 12 or more regional lymph nodes for colon cancer is associated with improved staging and survival, and the National Quality Forum recently endorsed lymph node examination for colon cancer as a quality surveillance measure. However, information regarding the extent of hospital compliance with the 12-node measure in the United States(More)
Band ligation of symptomatic internal hemorrhoids is a well-established and accepted outpatient procedure. The purpose of this paper is to alert the medical profession to potential complications and death following this procedure. Each of the four patients described in this report experienced pain and inability to urinate following banding. This report does(More)
Reports in the surgical literature are few regarding common intra-abdominal disease processes, such as gallstone disease or appendicitis, in patients with AIDS and instead have focused on AIDS-related intra-abdominal diseases that infrequently require surgical intervention unless complicated by bleeding, obstruction, or perforation. A literature review for(More)