Thomas Rudge

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This paper reports on a qualitative, critical study into the lives of relatives and partners of people living with enduring effects of schizophrenia. A review of the literature showed that caregivers and relatives of sufferers were seldom asked about their experiences, instead they were subject to blame or criticism regarding their parental or caregiving(More)
BACKGROUND Nurses and doctors undertake segregated and distinct preparation for clinical practice, yet are expected to communicate effectively with each other in the workplace. Most healthcare facilities have policies relating to written communication, but guidelines for verbal communication, which is used most in times of uncertainty and urgency, are(More)
This paper examines the theoretical perspective of Patricia Benner (1984; 1989) as outlined in two of her recent works. The evaluative criteria used are the critical perspective developed by Carr and Kemmis (1986). The interpretive strengths of her work are identified and extended by comparison with the work of Lawler (1991). Problems in Benner's analyses(More)
This paper outlines competency statements and their validation in mental health nursing. It describes: the background to the study, developments in perspectives on professional competency, the research process, the results, and issues that arose out of the research. The authors suggest that such research allows for the exploration of both nursing practice(More)
The concept of consciousness raising has become somewhat tired and jaded in nursing literature. Indeed the notion of consciousness raising and its associated catchcry of 'making the personal political', is almost so hackneyed as to be somewhat unfashionable and clichéd in the 1990s. This is due, at least in part, to the fact that consciousness raising(More)
This paper addresses the notion of wound care as a technology of skin and other skins imbued with the combined power of technology and science. It presents the discourses of wound care evident in the accounts of patients and nurses concerning this care, and discussions about wounds in wound care interest groups, journals, and advertising material about(More)
Insights from critical and postmodern perspectives are used to explore some of the aspects of contemporary nursing practice and health care which are taken for granted. Such an exploration begins to deconstruct the power relations implicit within the socio-political context of the health care arena in which nursing operates. In particular, the work of the(More)
This paper outlines a Foucauldian analysis of interactions between nurses and patients during wound care procedures in a burns unit. It explores the use of Kristeva's psychoanalytic concepts of abjection and the abject body to illuminate the emotional affects of wounds on nurse and patient. In this process, I identify how cultural metaphoric understandings(More)
the Bristol General Hospital. In 1883 he took the diplomas of M.R.C.S. and L.R.C.P. Edin., and then for a short period became Physician's Assistant at Bristol General Hospital. An opportunity having presented itself, he commenced private practice in 1884 in Redcliff His skill and resourcefulness and conscientious attention, together with a happy and(More)