Thomas Rossow

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Monitoring a computer network's security state is a di cult task as network components rarely share their information. The IF-MAP speci cation de nes a client/server-based protocol that enables network components to share security information among each other, which is represented in a graph structure. Visualization of this data is challenging due to the(More)
This paper compares the efficiency of two implementations of the PageRank algorithm, one using Hadoop's MapReduce and the other Giraph's Pregel. The implementations are evaluated against CPU usage, CPU I/O wait time, memory usage, and execution time. The result of the evaluation is that Giraph outperforms Hadoop.
In this paper, we provide an overview of the OM4SPACE project and different types of peer-to-peer (P2P) networks (both structured and unstructured), identify requirements for integrating P2P networks into the project and discuss which of the P2P networks meets these requirements best. We also propose an architecture for such integration.
In this paper we present an approach to add Remote Attestation capabilities to the Google Chrome OS platform. Our approach is based on the combination of two integral aspects of Chrome OS: (1) its Verified Boot procedure and (2) its extensible, app-based architecture. Verified Boot ensures the integrity of the static operating system base including(More)
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