Thomas Roosevelt Punnett

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Since the time of the discovery and the first characterization of the Hill reaction (13, 14) there have been many subsequent studies of this process. As might have been expected, the results obtained in these different studies are rather contradictory, so much so that it is not clear what the characteristics of the Hill reaction are. This point is well(More)
The transition from granular to homogeneous chloroplasts in vivo in Egeria densa caused by environmental conditions was paralleled by a decrease in photosynthetic enhancement from 30 percent to nearly zero. The drop in enhancement can be explained either by a change in the partitioning of light energy between the two photosystems or a change to a single(More)
Two photosystem II-associated chlorophyll-protein complexes of Synechococcus sp. strain PCC 7002 were identified. Their polypeptide compositions were similar to those of chlorophyll-containing antenna complexes of other cyanobacteria. Strain GT8B did not possess the complex responsible for 695-nm fluorescence and was unable to grow photoautotrophically;(More)