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The run-time binding of web services has been recently put forward in order to support rapid and dynamic web service compositions. With the growing number of alternative web services that provide the same functionality but differ in quality parameters, the service composition becomes a decision problem on which component services should be selected such(More)
Web service composition enables seamless and dynamic integration of business applications on the web. The performance of the composed application is determined by the performance of the involved web services. Therefore, non-functional, quality of service aspects are crucial for selecting the web services to take part in the composition. Identifying the best(More)
Dynamic selection of Web services at runtime is important for building flexible and loosely-coupled service-oriented applications. An abstract description of the required services is provided at design-time, and matching service offers are located at runtime. With the growing number of Web services that provide the same functionality but differ in quality(More)
Disaster response and recovery efforts require timely interaction and coordination of public emergency services in order to save lives and property. Today, IT is used in this field only to a limited extent, but there is a tremendous potential for increasing efficiency and effectiveness in coping with a disaster. In this paper we sketch requirements and(More)
QoS-based service selection aims at finding the best component services that satisfy the end-to-end quality requirements. The problem can be mod-eled as a multi-dimension multi-choice 0-1 knapsack problem, which is known as NP-hard. Recently published solutions propose using linear programming techniques to solve the problem. However, the poor scalability(More)
Information and communication infrastructures underwent a rapid and extreme decentralization process over the past decade: From a world of statically and partially connected central servers rose an intricate web of millions of information sources loosely connecting one to another. Today, we expect to witness the extension of this revolution with the wide(More)
Does informal intervention by high officials of international organizations decisively in uence the outcomes of multilateral negotiations? In the words of two leading international lawyers, can ''faceless international bureaucrats, unelected and without power of purse or sword'' really in uence the decisions of powerful nation-states? 1 Are we seeing the(More)
A new ultrahigh vacuum (UHV) electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectrometer operating at 94 GHz to investigate paramagnetic centers on single crystal surfaces is described. It is particularly designed to study paramagnetic centers on well-defined model catalysts using epitaxial thin oxide films grown on metal single crystals. The EPR setup is based on a(More)
In recent years, Twitter has changed from a medium for posting personal updates or status information to a channel for sharing and distributing information of all kinds. Its increasingly pervasive nature is encouraging more and more people to give insights into their daily life and to stay in contact with friends. This also attracts many companies and media(More)