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Early gestation is critical for placentomal growth, differentiation, and vascularization, as well as fetal organogenesis. The fetal origins of adult disease hypothesis proposes that alterations in fetal nutrition and endocrine status result in developmental adaptations that permanently change structure, physiology, and metabolism, thereby predisposing(More)
Early pregnancy is maintained in ruminants through the actions of conceptus-derived interferon (IFN)-tau on the endometrium. IFN-tau alters uterine release of PGF2 alpha' which results in rescue of the corpus luteum and continued release of progesterone. The mechanism of action of IFN-tau includes inhibition of oestradiol receptors, consequent reduction in(More)
The interferon stimulated gene product, ISG17, conjugates to bovine uterine proteins in response to conceptus-derived interferon (IFN)-tau. The objectives of the present experiments were to examine induction of ISG17 (0.65 kb) and a related 2.5 kb mRNA in response to IFN-tau and pregnancy using Northern blotting procedures, and to determine cell types in(More)
Among the major products secreted by the uteri of cattle, sheep, and pigs during pregnancy are glycoproteins with amino acid sequences that place them in the serpin (serine proteinase inhibitor) superfamily of proteins. The inferred amino acid sequences for bovine uterine serpin (boUS-1) and ovine uterine serpin (ovUS-1) exhibit about 72% sequence identity(More)
A 16-kDa protein has been identified that is secreted by the bovine endometrium in response to conceptus-derived interferon (IFN)-tau during early pregnancy. Because this uterine protein was similar in size to a human ubiquitin cross-reactive protein (hUCRP) that also was regulated by IFN, we suspected that they might be related. To test this hypothesis,(More)
Ubiquitin cross-reactive protein (UCRP) is a 17-kDa protein that shows cross-reactivity with ubiquitin antisera and retains the carboxyl-terminal Leu-Arg-Gly-Gly amino acid sequence of ubiquitin that ligates to, and directs degradation of, cytosolic proteins. It has been reported that bovine endometrial UCRP is synthesized and secreted in response to(More)
Several CSCW studies have shown that coordination of work in hospitals is particular challenging, and that clinicians put much effort into maintaining mutual awareness on the flow of work. Despite these apparent challenges, very little work has been done to design technology which helps people coordinate highly cooperative work in such a critical setting.(More)
N-terminal analysis of purified pediocin AcH produced a partial sequence of 23 amino acids. This sequence matched perfectly with a segment of 23 amino acids in a 62 amino acid molecule generated from the 186 nucleotide sequence open reading frame in a Hind III fragment in pSMB74 encoding pap-gene (pediocin AcH production). It is suggested that the molecule(More)
Recent reports have demonstrated that prostaglandin F2alpha-induced generation of reactive oxygen species or their intermediates inhibits progesterone synthesis and may also serve as a trigger for apoptosis in the corpus luteum (CL). BCL-2, an inhibitor of apoptosis in a wide variety of cell types, has been reported to prevent oxidative stress-induced cell(More)