Thomas Riggs

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Transport of representative neutral alpha-amino acids was measured in brain slices after injecting thyroxine into donor rats of various ages from 1 to 23 days old. The hormone did not alter uptake in slices from 1-day-old rats even when treatment was begun on pregnant rats as much as 10 days before delivery. Injecting thyroxine until age 6 days, however,(More)
Transport of seven different amino acids into brain slices increased as donor rats aged from 1 to 6 days. Uptakes of 2-aminoisobutyric acid, 2-(methyl-amino)isobutyric acid, and L-alanine then decreased by day 14, while uptakes of other amino acids continued to increase or remained fairly constant. Neutral alpha-amino acid transport systems were(More)
Generating adaptive immunity postinfection or immunization requires physical interaction within a lymph node T zone between Ag-bearing dendritic cells (DCs) and rare cognate T cells. Many fundamental questions remain regarding the dynamics of DC-CD4+ T cell interactions leading to priming. For example, it is not known how the production of primed CD4+ T(More)
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