Thomas Rieder

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OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study was to evaluate and compare Bispectral index (BIS) and A-line auditory evoked potential index (AAI) for monitoring depth of low-dose midazolam and propofol sedation during colonoscopy. METHODS A total of 115 consecutive patients (ASA I-IV), receiving low-dose midazolam and propofol sedation for colonoscopy, were(More)
In order to assess the changes in the cellular immune system, 27 healthy male subjects were selected who participate in leisure-time sports and in whom measurements of the lymphocyte subsets in venous blood were carried out before and after a standardized endurance exercise test (EI, 60 minutes in length, intensity: 63% of maximum performance). The(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate whether a further optimization of an existing accelerated clinical pathway protocol after total knee replacement is feasible and improves postoperative outcome. DESIGN Prospective, parallel group design. SETTING Orthopaedic University Medical Centre. PATIENTS A total of 143 patients, scheduled for unilateral primary total knee(More)
Sonographic measurements on 40 cadavaric humeri of the angle of torsion according to Harland had been performed. The results were referred to different computertomographic and anthropometric methods. Sonographic measurements proofed to be accurate and were easily reproducible. Comparing sonographically detected angles with the anthropometric results there(More)
It is reported about the combined use of different methods for metatarsal osteotomy and in conclusion we recommend a differentiation of these corrective techniques and their indications. The differentiation is based on the consideration of the valgus angle, the grade of secondary arthrosis and the functional load of the joints.
QR codes have emerged as a popular medium to make content instantly accessible. With their high information density and robust error correction, they have found their way to the mobile ecosystem. However, QR codes have also proven to be an efficient attack vector, e.g. To perform phishing attacks. Attackers distribute malicious codes under false pretenses(More)
Computed tomography (CT) with arthrography, a method not requiring anesthesia, has worked well in cruciate ligament damage diagnosis, particularly in the detection of PCL damage and in differentiation between ACL and PCL lesions. Evidence has been produced of its superior accuracy by comparison, in the study of 40 patients, among clinical findings, findings(More)
We report on arthroscopic procedures of 279 shoulder joints which were done in two hospitals of East-Berlin. We stress out the intention to arthroscopic diagnostic and simultaneous surgery. Arthroscopic surgery was mainly performed as resections and exstirpations. In cases of luxation and severe rotator cuff tears the open revision was necessary to perform.
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  • 1990
As a glenohumeral instability is defined each case of transient recurrent and permanent decentration of the joint. We propose to differentiate primary and secondary glenohumeral instabilities. Arthroscopical diagnostic is helpful to classify the luxation and subluxation and for verify transient instabilities. In cases clinically snapping phenomena were(More)