Thomas Ridder

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Most of the short-lived biogenic and anthropogenic chemical species that are emitted into the atmosphere break down efficiently by reaction with OH and do not reach the stratosphere. Here we show the existence of a pronounced minimum in the tropospheric column of ozone over the West Pacific, the main source region for stratospheric air, and suggest a(More)
OBJECT Ganglioglioma (GG) is commonly recognized as a low-grade tumor located in the temporal lobe, often presenting with seizures. Most are amenable to complete resection and are associated with excellent oncological outcome. The authors encountered several GGs in various locations, which seem to have a less favorable clinical course than GGs in the(More)
In 29 male patients undergoing arterial bypass operations of the lower limb, psychological and physiological stress parameters were investigated. They received no premedication. We found an increase of heart rate (HR), arterial blood pressure (BP), plasma cortisol (Cort), free fatty acids (FFA), ventricular ectopic beats (VEB) and supra-ventricular ectopic(More)
OBJECT Mass lesions from traumatic brain injury (TBI) often require surgical evacuation as a life-saving measure and to improve outcomes, but optimal timing and surgical technique, including decompressive craniectomy, have not been fully defined. The authors compared neurosurgical approaches in the treatment of TBI at 2 academic medical centers to document(More)
Ventral brainstem compression is an uncommon clinical diagnosis seen by pediatric neurosurgeons and associated with Chiari malformation, type I. Presenting clinical symptoms often include headaches, lower cranial neuropathies, myelopathy, central sleep apnea, ataxia, and nystagmus. When ventral decompression is required, both open and endoscopic(More)
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