Thomas Reynolds

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Changes in treatment alternatives and the emphasis on cost containment and managed care have increased the interest in information on the cost of epilepsy. The last comprehensive cost study in the USA was in 1975. That study estimated the national cost of epilepsy at $3.6 billion for 2.1 million cases. On a per patient basis the 1975 figure represents $7440(More)
The purpose of this paper is to describe the temporal pattern of healthcare cost in two population-based samples of new cases of epilepsy from two different regions of the US, and show how it varies with seizure type and frequency. Epilepsy-related healthcare cost from onset through 4 years of follow-up was determined for two population-based incident(More)
Identifying which men with prostate cancer might benefit from mental health treatment has proven to be a challenging task. The authors developed the Memorial Anxiety Scale for Prostate Cancer (MAX-PC) in order to facilitate the identification of prostate cancer-related anxiety. A revised version of this scale was tested in a more clinically varied(More)
We assessed the concordance between healthcare utilization and cost measured with patient survey and billing data among 226 epilepsy patients in a large multi-specialty group practice. Does survey information on utilization combined with prices, provide a cost of care that is approximately equal to the cost of care derived from billing data, utilizing the(More)
N ational University is a fast-growing private university headquartered in San Diego, California. It currently enrolls approximately twenty-six thousand students, of whom about half are enrolled in teacher education. In terms of teacher education, about 30 percent of the students take the majority of their classes online. Candidates in National University's(More)
While there are state and national estimates of serious psychological distress (SPD), these are not useful for targeting local mental health interventions or for addressing the needs of sub-populations at increased risk for SPD. This cross-sectional study uses data from the population-based 2010 Health of Houston Survey (n = 5,116) to examine (1) the(More)
The fundamental part of a dowel-type connection is the embedment of a steel dowel into the timber that surrounds it, and the stiffness of the timber in embedment is represented by the foundation modulus. A standard experimental method for identifying the foundation modulus under static load is modified to assess the secant stiffness exhibited under(More)
abstract: Drawing on critical multicultural education scholarship, this article discusses an alternative assessment of academic support programs. It highlights the importance and value of supplementing traditional assessments with direct student participation. Through a discussion of data from a summer bridge program at a large research university, the(More)
Dowel and screw connections in timber structures behave nonlinearly, even at loads which would be experienced in a structure in normal service. They exhibit hysteresis and creep as a result of both the viscoelastic behaviour of the timber itself and the frictional interaction between the timber and connecting elements, and stress concentrations are created(More)