Thomas Reineke

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Doppler evaluation of mitral regurgitation remains difficult; thus, a head-to-head comparison of the diagnostic accuracy of Doppler methods was undertaken. Fifty patients with native mitral regurgitation underwent multiplane transesophageal echocardiography within 5 days of catheterization. Angiographic grade of mitral regurgitation and, in 20 patients with(More)
The objective of this study was to assess the accuracy and reproducibility of transesophageal 3-dimensional echocardiography (3DE) in comparison with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for the in vivo calculation of left ventricular mass (LVM). In addition, mass values obtained by M-mode echocardiography were compared with those calculated by MRI.(More)
OBJECTIVES We sought to evaluate whether transthoracic contrast echocardiography using second harmonic imaging (SHI) is a diagnostic alternative to transesophageal contrast echocardiography (TEE) for the detection of atrial right to left shunt. BACKGROUND Paradoxic embolism is considered to be the major cause of cerebral ischemic events in young patients.(More)
In the European Project on Genes in Hypertension (EPOGH), we investigated in three populations to what extent in a family-based study, left ventricular mass (LVM) was associated with the C-532T and G-6A polymorphisms in the angiotensinogen (AGT) gene. We randomly recruited 221 nuclear families (384 parents and 440 offspring) in Cracow (Poland), Novosibirsk(More)
Sympathetic tone increases with stimulation of the renin-angiotensin system and is under the influence of salt intake. In the European Project On Genes in Hypertension (EPOGH), we investigated whether polymorphisms in the genes encoding aldosterone synthase (CYP11B2 C-344T) and the type-1 angiotensin II receptor (AT1R A1166C) affect the autonomic modulation(More)
BACKGROUND Biplane angiographic and transthoracic echocardiographic volume calculations have shown to be sufficiently reliable in symmetric hearts; however, they are unreliable in the presence of aneurysmatic distortions. Multiplane transoesophageal echocardiography offers unobstructed cross-sectional views of the heart from one stable transducer position(More)
BACKGROUND The polymorphic angiotensinogen (AGT) gene is one of the most promising candidates for blood pressure (BP) regulation and essential hypertension. OBJECTIVES To investigate whether AGT haplotype analysis adds significant information compared to single polymorphism analysis with respect to different BP phenotypes in an untreated hypertensive(More)
Until recently, previously applied methods to remove hair have ultimately proven ineffective or resulted in the formation of scars and small wounds. Different methods for removing hair in a more or less permanent way have been used: electrolysis, thermolysis and the blend method. In this study we describe the removal of hair without side-effects by means of(More)
To study the relation in lesion morphology and composition between multiple vessels, intravascular ultrasound studies were performed on both vessels of 131 patients undergoing subsequent 2-vessel angioplasty. Because multiple stenoses in the same patient appear more dissimilar than similar, we conclude that local factors tend to be more important than(More)
125 konsekutive Patienten mit Adenokarzinom der Prostata wurden einer erweiterten radikalen perinealen Prostatektomie entsprechend der Technik von Weldon unterzogen. Diese Technik wurde durch die primäre komplette Mobilisation der Prostatahinterfläche und der Samenblasen, der Inzision der Faszia endopelvina, der queren Inzision der Denonvillier-Faszia am(More)