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For reasons that I hope will soon become clear, I would like to begin this paper with somewhat irresponsibly entertaining the idea that my esteemed friend and colleague, John Greco, is a philosophical descendant of John Buridan, via the Scottish common sense philosopher Thomas Reid and his Cambridge-descendant, G. E. Moore. In these musings, I will confine(More)
GenMapDB (http://genomics.med.upenn.edu/genmapdb) is a repository of human bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) clones mapped by our laboratory to sequence-tagged site markers. Currently, GenMapDB contains over 3000 mapped clones that span 19 chromosomes, chromosomes 2, 4, 5, 9-22, X and Y. This database provides positional information about human BAC(More)
Dans les reuvres d'Aristote et des medievaux, aussi bien que dans les ecrits des philosophes du sens commun, teIs que Thomas Reid ou G.E. Moore, nous trouvons une famille de tentatives d'etudier les structures du sens commun et du monde qui nous est donne dans l'experience quotidienne, pre-theorique. Nous soutiendrons ici que la theorie de ces structures(More)
BACKGROUND Families with young children often struggle to talk about and cope with a parent's life-threatening illness and potential death. Adult interdisciplinary palliative medicine teams often feel unprepared to facilitate the open communication with these children that has been shown to reduce anxiety, depression, and other behavioral problems. In(More)
What is DACUM? DACUM (Developing A Curriculum) is a quick yet highly valid job analysis technique. The DACUM process is used to determine the competencies that should be addressed in a training curriculum for a specific occupation. DACUMs are used to develop job profiles for all types of occupations, including top-level managers and specialized jobs. This(More)
Open-pit mining of the Athabasca oil sands has generated large volumes of waste termed fluid fine tailings (FFT), stored in tailings ponds. Accumulation of toxic organic substances in the tailings ponds is one of the biggest concerns. Gamma irradiation (GI) treatment could accelerate the biodegradation of toxic organic substances. Hence, this research(More)
Pecking at small targets requires accurate spatial coordination of the head. Planning of the peck has been proposed to occur in two distinct stop phases, but although this idea has now been around for a long time, the specific functional roles of these stop phases remain unsolved. Here, we investigated the characteristics of the two stop phases using(More)
Our beliefs about which actions we ought to perform clearly have an effect on what we do. But so-called " Humean " theories—holding that all motivation has its source in desire—insist on connecting such beliefs with an antecedent motive. Rationalists, on the other hand, allow normative beliefs a more independent role. I argue in favor of the rationalist(More)
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