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The handling of symmetries in mixed integer programs in order to speed up the solution process of branch-and-cut solvers has recently received signi cant attention, both in theory and practice. This paper compares di erent methods for handling symmetries using a common implementation framework. We start by investigating the computation of symmetries and(More)
Given a permutation group acting on coordinates of R, we consider lattice-free polytopes that are the convex hull of an orbit of one integral vector. The vertices of such polytopes are called core points and they play a key role in a recent approach to exploit symmetry in integer convex optimization problems. Here, naturally the question arises, for which(More)
Zusammenfassung. Die exakte Segmentierung von Zellkern und Zellplasma weißer Blutzellen bildet die Grundlage für die Erstellung eines automatischen, bildbasierten Differentialblutbildes. In diesem Beitrag wird ein Verfahren zur entsprechenden Segmentierung von Leukozyten vorgestellt. Nach einer Vorverarbeitung durch einen KuwaharaFilter wird ein(More)
Setting up new immunoassays can be a laborious and expensive task. A relatively new form of multivariate analysis known as neural networks can be applied to this problem with potential savings in reagents and technician time. Neural network software programs for personal computers are now available. We applied one such software package (Brainmaker) to a(More)
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