Thomas R Wigton

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OBJECTIVE To determine the current incidence of clavicular fracture (CF), facial nerve injury (FNI) and brachial plexus injury (BPI) and identify the existence, if any, of associated perinatal factors with each injury. STUDY DESIGN A case-controlled study design was selected and the study conducted for births between January 1, 1985 and January 1, 1990,(More)
OBJECTIVE Our purpose was to investigate whether markers for activation of the immune system are present in patients with preeclampsia by assessing maternal plasma and amniotic fluid for tumor necrosis factor-alpha and interleukin-1 beta. STUDY DESIGN Twenty-one patients with severe preeclampsia composed the study group (group A). An antepartum comparison(More)
OBJECTIVE To report our experience in the detection of congenital heart disease using both the four-chamber view of the heart as part of the standard obstetric ultrasound examination and multiple cardiac views as part of the detailed targeted examination. METHODS All admissions to Children's Memorial Hospital of Northwestern University Medical Center with(More)
Actinomycosis is caused by the anaerobic bacterium Actinomyces israelii. Asymptomatic colonization of the cervix with this organism has been noted in users of an intrauterine device (IUD), and its prevalence ranges between 1.6% and 36%. Rarely, symptomatic infection may occur, with the potential for extensive morbidity and even death. Herein we report a(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare extra-amniotic saline infusion to intracervical dinoprostone gel for preinduction cervical ripening. METHODS Women with Bishop scores less than 5 were assigned randomly to either extra-amniotic saline infusion (n = 26) or intracervical dinoprostone gel (n = 26) for preinduction cervical ripening. A sample size of 50 would have 80%(More)
A retrospective analysis of elective induction of labor at term and routine induction after 42 completed weeks' gestation was conducted to assess neonatal and maternal outcome in a low-risk obstetric population at a tertiary care facility. In 1989, 639 labor inductions were performed at the Christ Hospital and Medical Center. Two hundred one inductions were(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether placenta accreta/percreta/increta is associated with elevation of second-trimester maternal serum alpha-fetoprotein (MSAFP) levels. METHODS We reviewed the medical records of 44 women who had emergency cesarean hysterectomy. Twenty women had placenta accreta/percreta/increta (study group) and 24 underwent cesarean(More)
OBJECTIVE Our purpose was to determine the incidence of significant neonatal morbidity in fetuses with documented pulmonary maturity delivered before 37 weeks' gestation. STUDY DESIGN A retrospective review of 213 pregnancies with documented fetal lung maturity (lecithin/sphingomyelin ratio > or = 2.0 or phosphatidylglycerol present) and delivery before(More)
OBJECTIVE Our purpose was to determine the incidence of gestational diabetes mellitus in an adolescent population and to determine the cost of screening. STUDY DESIGN A retrospective review of 509 adolescent pregnancies was performed. The incidence of gestational diabetes mellitus was determined and the cost of screening analyzed. RESULTS Five hundred(More)
OBJECTIVE We investigated the participation of the cellular arm of the immune system in adaptation to pregnancy by assessing plasma and amniotic fluid levels of the cytokine tumor necrosis factor-alpha. STUDY DESIGN Fifty-five healthy pregnant women who underwent second-trimester genetic amniocentesis at a mean gestational age of 17.0 +/- 1.4 weeks(More)