Thomas R. Smith

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Gallium nitride (GaN) RF power transistor and MMIC technologies have become sufficiently mature and reliable in the last few years that there are now large numbers of fielded devices in both military and commercial applications. Wide bandgap technology is now finding extended use in switching, control and low noise applications. Cree's GaN on silicon(More)
1 This chapter focuses on research that can inform the improvement of mathematics teaching and learning at scale. In educational contexts, improvement at scale refers to the process of taking an instructional innovation that has proved effective in supporting students' learning in a small number of classrooms and reproducing that success in a large number(More)
This chapter describes a partnership with four urban districts that aimed to develop an empirically grounded theory of action for improving the quality of mathematics instruction at scale. Each year, we conducted a data collection, analysis, and feedback cycle in each district that involved documenting the district's improvement strategies, collecting and(More)
Many different methods have been proposed for the analysis of cluster randomized trials (CRTs) over the last 30 years. However, the evaluation of methods on overdispersed count data has been based mostly on the comparison of results using empiric data; i.e. when the true model parameters are not known. In this study, we assess via simulation the performance(More)
Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. Abstract: This report identifies rapidly colonizing and resilient grasses/forbs that are tolerant to range-relevant contaminants, with emphasis on TNT and RDX. A literature review identified herbaceous plant species with characteristics that make them potential candidates for use on ranges for(More)
 Make sure you have Java 1.6 (32-bit suffices) or higher installed or download from To check your Java version, open a terminal and run 'java-version'.
  • Tom Cole, Liz Lyman, +5 authors John Sonnen
  • 2004
asked the Commission if the County is going to be sharing any information on the natural gas pipeline that is coming through the County connecting to Satsop. Mr. Olson stated that he asked the Board on Monday and they are researching it. Commissioner Lyman stated that this is not a Planning Commission issue and that the Commission has no jurisdiction over(More)
and brought together around 300 delegates mainly from the USA but with a fewfrom other countries. Hosted by Zymark, the conference covered various facets of automation whilst focusing on laboratory robotics. The symposium included a series of plenary lectures, invited lectures andposter sessions. The highlights were, for this delegate, thejqrst plenary by(More)
—We demonstrate for the first time improvement of radio-frequency (RF) gain of SiC MESFETs by using source-connected field plates (FPs). MESFETs fabricated with this approach show a new record maximum stable gain exceeding 15.7 dB at 3.1 GHz. This is 2.7 dB higher than the baseline devices without FP. RF power output greater than 4W/mm was also achieved(More)
Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. Abstract: This report describes a study to quantify the phytoextraction and phytostabilization capacities of TNT and RDX from spiked soil in selected herbaceous species, while paying attention to storage and quality of breakdown products in vegetative plant parts. Ten plant species were included in the(More)