Thomas R. Kurfess

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—The objective of this work is to develop a new testing and analysis methodology to obtain the nonlinear characteristics of an automotive shock absorber. The front shock absorber on a Mazda CX-7 was tested on the single-post shaker test bench. The shock absorber piston velocity test range is between 0.01m/s and 1.3m/s, corresponding to typical velocities of(More)
This manuscript surveys the changes that affected the automotive industry in recent years with the evolution of industrial focus on globalization forces. Further, it proposes organizational learning as a viable strategy for the automotive industry, to effectively embrace and be agile to the continually changing environment. First, the manuscript(More)
Coordinate metrology generates important software issues. After measurement data are collected in the form of position vectors, the data analysis software must derive the necessary information from the set of points. Uncertainty is an important issue in this data analysis. When extreme fit approaches are employed for form error evaluation, the uncertainty(More)