Thomas R Haines

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Recent reports of cytosine methylation occurring at CpA and CpT dinucleotides in murine ES cells as well as in Drosophila have renewed interest in methylation at sites other than CpGs. Our examination of the murine neurofibromatosis type 1 gene by sodium bisulfite genomic sequencing has revealed non-CpG methylation primarily in the oocyte and the maternally(More)
DNA methylation at CpG dinucleotides has been intensely studied to elucidate its roles in normal and aberrant cellular processes, including genomic imprinting, modulation of transcription, X-inactivation, gene silencing, and carcinogenesis. A number of techniques for the detection of methylated cytosines within a DNA sequence have been developed, and these(More)
Compromised patterns of gene expression result in genomic instability, altered patterns of gene expression and tumour formation. Specifically, aberrant DNA hypermethylation in gene promoter regions leads to gene silencing, whereas global hypomethylation events can result in chromosomal instability and oncogene activation. Potential links exist between(More)
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