Thomas R. Crimmins

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Astract-A set of Fourier descriptors for two-dimensional shapes is defined which is complete in the sense that two objects have the same shape if and only if they have the same set of Fourier descriptors. It also is shown that the moduli of the Fourier coefficients of the parameterizing function of the boundary of an object do not contain enough information(More)
This paper presents the methods used to adapt the geometric filtering method for speckle reduction to ultrasound imaging The geometric filtering method is an iterative algorithm for speckle reduction which was first applied to radar images obtained with well controlled axial and lateral resolution. The appearance of speckle in ultrasound images is directly(More)
where x and u may be one-, two-, or three-dimensional coordinates and f(x) may be complex valued or nonnegative real valued, depending on the application. Reconstruction of the object f(x) from IF(U)I is equivalent to reconstruction of the Fourier phase A(u) from jF(u)I (hence the name phase retrieval), and reconstruction from IF(u)I is equivalent to(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the use of the Automatic External Defibrillation (AED) device in an urban, two-tiered Emergency Medical Service (EMS) response setting with regard to its potential effects on cardiac arrest patient survival and neurologic outcome. METHODS A retrospective and descriptive design was utilized to study all cardiac arrest patients that(More)
The phase-retrieval problem consists of the reconstruction of an object from the modulus of its Fourier transform or, equivalently, from its autocorrelation. This paper describes a number of results relating to the reconstruction of the support of an object from the support of its autocorrelation. Methods for reconstructing the object's support are given(More)