Thomas R. Brown

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Objective. Popliteal muscle and tendon injuries are thought to be unusual. This report describes the magnetic resonance (MR) appearances of popliteus muscle and tendon injuries. Design and patients. The study included 24 patients where the diagnoses of popliteal injuries were prospectively made based on MR appearances. The study group was taken from 2412(More)
This report describes the neurological and electrophysiological examination of 35 subjects with leprosy (average duration of symptoms 3.4 years, average time since diagnosis 7.5 months). Clinical examination in the distribution of non-dominant median and ulnar nerves was performed with the following clinical methods: touch sensation with 0.05 gm.(More)
Nuclear factor-kappaB (NF-kappaB) is a ubiquitous redox-sensitive transcription factor involved in the pro-inflammatory response to several factors, including cytokines and oxidative stress. Upon activation, NF-kappaB translocates into the nucleus and binds to specific nucleotide sequences. The cellular responses to inflammatory and stress signals have been(More)
Analysis of 20-hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid (20-HETE), a potent vasoconstrictor produced by the cytochrome P450 pathway, presently requires high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and gas chromatography/ mass spectrometry (GC/MS). To simplify 20-HETE analysis, competitive ELIS As were developed using polyclonal anti-20-HETE coated ELISA plates to(More)
Working Paper Series Acknowledgements The research described in this paper has involved large number of persons spread over half a dozen organizations. The author is indebted to these fellow researchers, former students, and current students for their interest and enthusiasm on the topic of 24-Hour Knowledge Factory. The author wants to highlight that his(More)
2 Acknowledgements The authors of this study acknowledge that this study was made possible through foundation support to the Communications Institute. person acting on behalf thereof, makes any warranty or representation, express or implied, with respect to the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of the information contained in the report nor that its use(More)
Recent academic and policy studies focus on offshoring as a cost-of-labor driven activity that has a direct impact on employment opportunities in the countries involved. This paper broadens this perspective by examining the 24-hour knowledge factory as a model of information systems offshoring that leverages other strategic factors beyond cost savings. A(More)
TO SUMMARIZE, WE HAVE BEEN ABLE TO DEMONSTRATE: (1) In a case of acute trichinosis an extensive leucocytosis, with great absolute and relative increase in the number of eosinophilic cells in the blood, associated with a coincident decrease in the quantity of neutrophilic elements. (2) From the examination of specimens of muscle removed during life, besides(More)
Axial magnetic resonance (MR) imaging of the patellofemoral compartment was performed in 75 patients with arthroscopic correlation. Proton density and T2 (2500/20/80) weighted images were obtained in all patients. Chondromalacia in stages I and II could not be reliably identified with MR imaging. For the evaluation of stage III and IV chondromalacia, the(More)