Thomas Quemerais

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A millimeter-wave power amplifier (PA) implemented in a 65 nm CMOS process with 8-metal layers and transistor f<sub>T</sub>/f<sub>MAX</sub> of 160/200 GHz is reported. The PA operates from a 1.2 V supply voltage. A power gain of 13.4 dB, an output P<sub>1dB</sub> of 12.2 dBm with 7.6 % PAE and a saturated output power of 13.8 dBm at 58 GHz are measured.(More)
A hot carrier ageing model previously validated on a one-stage 60-GHz power amplifier (PA) is demonstrated to be able to predict the degradation of the characteristic parameters for multistage high-performance millimeter-wave (mmW) PAs. The increase in the threshold voltage, the decrease in the transconductance, and the output conductance of the MOSFETs(More)
In this paper, a frequency quadrupler based on a single ended frequency doubler, a new Marchand Balun with Coupled Slow-wave Coplanar Wave (CS-CPW) lines and a balanced frequency doubler in G band is presented and analyzed for in-situ characterization applications. The experimental results of the frequency quadrupler exhibit at 180 GHz a peak output power(More)
In this paper, a new balanced frequency doubler based on a Marchand Balun with Coupled Slow-wave Coplanar Wave (CS-CPW) lines in G band is presented and analyzed. The experimental results of the frequency doubler exhibit at 174 GHz a peak output power of +2 dBm associate with a linear conversion gain of &#x2212;3.8 dB, a frequency bandwidth of 160 to 190(More)
A digitally controlled, 64 states tuner, for D-band in-situ noise and power characterization is demonstrated on the STMicroelectronics BiCMOS 55 nm technology. This tuner is composed of a high impedance series transmission line loaded periodically by degenerated MOS transistors operating in OFF and ON states as variable impedance device. The circuit is(More)
High frequency noise parameters (NF<sub>min</sub>, R<sub>n</sub>, B<sub>opt</sub> and G<sub>opt</sub>) determination of Si/SiGe HBTs from STMicroelectronics B5T technology are provided for the first time in the millimeter-wave range. In this paper, an integrated tuner is used for the extraction of high frequencies noise parameters with the multi-impedance(More)
An improved analytical model for integrated microstrip line experienced on 45 nm silicon technology is proposed. This model is derived from previous classical ones used for PCB circuits. Improvements have been performed to take into account the sizing effects for integrated lines. The study is performed up to 110 GHz for different line widths and results(More)
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