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What determines the price of insurance against default of advanced economies? Our laboratory to answer this question is the credit default swap (CDS) market on government debt of 16 advanced economies. The price of credit protection on these countries shows a strong degree of co-movement, has severely increased since the beginning of the financial crisis,(More)
Establishing free space optical links between flying vehicles is a technically tough challenge and needs enhancements both in the technology and its features. For unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) swarms to evolve to effective usage in civil and military applications, a means of high data rate communications need be established between them. The free space(More)
The objective of this paper is to analyse and present the latest results obtained for free-space optics (FSO) within the EU COST Action IC-0802 and within the European Space Agency (ESA) contract. First, the FSO technology is briefly discussed and some performance evaluation criteria for FSO are provided. Some optical signal propagation experiments through(More)
New results derived from the research in the field of Free Space Optics (FSO) for the qualification of different wavelengths with reference to space applications are presented. At the beginning, a brief introduction to the FSO technology and the explanation of some performance evaluation criteria is presented. The main part deals with a thorough discussion(More)
The use of optical communication links is a growing and promising technology, with its applications spreading over many areas of telecommunication. ESA's involvement in the development of optical communication terminals for high data rate links between satellites already resulted in the successful demonstration of the SILEX programme using optical(More)
Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are considered a major public health problem, globally. In particular, increasing STI rates have been documented throughout eastern Europe and central Asia. The Russian Federation and adjacent countries have, traditionally, managed STIs on an aetiological basis. This approach is expensive in terms of laboratory costs(More)
New results derived from the research in the field or Free Space Optics (FSO) for the qualification of different wavelengths with reference to future communication (including space) are presented. The contribution deals with a thorough discussion of the different optical wavelengths used either for terrestrial as well as for near-Earth and deep space FSO(More)
Nowadays FSO (Free Space Optics) also called Optical Wireless, is a well-established technology for closing the last mile gap. Optical Wireless is best suited to be directly connected to fibre optics, like the extension of a fibre cable for access networks. But also combinations with RF- and wireless networks are of main interest in current applications.(More)
In this paper Free Space Optics (FSO) in combination with other wireless technologies (including WLAN and satellite communications in civil-military-cooperation (CIMIC)) is presented. At first modular communication systems are shown, which allows worldwide access to the Internet or other networks by combining satellite communications, FSO, Wireless LAN,(More)
SUMMARY Increasing demand in data-traffic has been addressed over the last few years. It is expected that the data-traffic will present the significant part of the total backbone traffic. Accordingly, much more transmission systems will be required to support this growth. A free space optic (FSO) communication is the greatest promising technology supporting(More)