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The exokernel operating system architecture safely gives untrusted software efficient control over hardware and software resources by separating management from protection. This paper describes an exokernel system that allows specialized applications to achieve high performance without sacrificing the performance of unmodified UNIX programs. It evaluates(More)
Application-level networking is a promising software organizationfor improving performance and functionality for important networkservices. The Xok/ExOS exokernel system includes application-levelsupport for standard network services, while at the same timeallowing application writers to specialize networking services.This paper describes how Xok/ExOS's(More)
We propose dynamic documents as an approach to extending and customizing the WWW/Mosaic for mobile computing platforms. Dynamic documents are programs executed on a mobile platform to generate a document; they are implemented as Tcl scripts. We have modified the NCSA Mosaic web client to run the dynamic documents it retrieves through a modified Tcl(More)
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