Thomas Perryman

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The majority of digital games available today offer a variety of multi-player settings including co-located and mediated play between opponents. Immersion, the sense of being “in the game,” is one of the key components of the gaming experience but existing literature suggests that social play provides more fun but less immersion. There is however little(More)
An interspecific hybrid between Lycopersicon esculentum (♀) and L. peruvianum has been raised by embryo rescue in vitro and used to confirm the presence of a new S-allelic specificity in its inbred L. peruvianum parent, a plant derived by enforced bud self-pollination of a self-incompatible clone with the genotype S 1 S 2. The inbred plant showed breeding(More)
Variation in the frequencies of pollination and ovule fertilization was generated among faba bean (Vicia faba L.) genotypes in experiments which compared self-and open-pollination, natural and extended photoperiods, presence and absence of honey bees and a range of plant populations. There was a near-1:1 relationship between the frequencies of pollination(More)
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