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The aim of this study was to test the mechanical stability of LOQTEQ® HTO plate in comparison to the TomoFix™ internal plate fixator. An unstable fracture gap model with two standardized polyoxymethylene (POM) cylinders was used for this study. With this model 5 LOQTEQ® HTO plates and 5 TomoFix™ were cyclically loaded. The start load was 100 N and increased(More)
Floating car data (FCD) has been used to collect traffic state information from a set of individual vehicles. Vehicles are equipped with On Board Units (OBU) that collect different measurements and the vehicle position and transmit the data to a remote control center. In current implementations of FCD systems, vehicle fleets use cellular connections for(More)
This work addresses the intermittent connectivity observed in a vehicular ad hoc network and proposes a Disruption Tolerant Network (DTN) service that is shown to degrade gracefully in case of bad channel conditions or load increase, if compared to plain datagram transmission case. The considered infrastructure is a mesh network of road side units (RSUs)(More)
The penetration of Wi-Fi enabled personal mobile internet devices has dramatically increased over the last few years. Consequentially, the presence of those devices within driving vehicles has also skyrocketed recently. The majority of these devices periodically emit short Wi-Fi frames in order to speed up the scanning process for available networks when(More)
Vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communication is important for the collection of probe vehicle data and traffic information. When using IEEE 802.11 as access technology (ITS-G5 or WAVE), the communication between moving vehicles and fixed infrastructure, such as roadside stations, is most efficient when the passing vehicle reaches a window of opportunity(More)
Since vehicle to infrastructure communication will become state of the art in a few years, data from mobility and environment sensors in the vehicle could produce valuable information for traffic management and vehicle safety applications. The massive deployment of such data sources could however lead to high data traffic that would unnecessarily strain(More)
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