Thomas P. Smith

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Although prevalent in prokaryotes, horizontal gene transfer (HGT) is rarer in multicellular eukaryotes. Bdelloid rotifers are microscopic animals that contain a higher proportion of horizontally transferred, non-metazoan genes in their genomes than typical of animals. It has been hypothesized that bdelloids incorporate foreign DNA when they repair their(More)
BACKGROUND Paresthesia-free cervical 10 kHz spinal cord stimulation (HF10 SCS) may constitute a novel treatment modality for headache disorders, when pharmacological approaches fail. We report the results of a retrospective analysis assessing the long-term safety, tolerability and efficacy of HF10 SCS in a group of patients with chronic refractory primary(More)
Chronic migraine afflicts 1-5% of the global population and poses a substantial burden on subjects' quality of life and on health services utilization [1]. Although most patients benefit from abortive and preventive drugs, a subgroup of patients remains refractory to treatment. Refractory chronic migraine is one of the greatest challenges in headache(More)
A significant minority of chronic migraine (CM) patients do not respond to conventional medical treatment. Occipital nerve stimulation is a therapeutic option for refractory CM (rCM). However, randomized studies have failed to demonstrate efficacy. Cervical 10kHz spinal cord stimulation (10kHz-SCS) may provide a superior alternative to occipital(More)
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