Thomas P. Oléron Evans

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I present extensions to logic theory whose utilitarian application contains itself in the form of a developmental, logical framework determinant of all being, and then derive several applications thereof to areas of general quantum theory and pure mathematics, providing solutions to 2 longstanding relevant problems: P vs NP and the Riemann Hypothesis.(More)
The author introduces as an extension to the field of topology a sub-field Analytic Gauge Theory. The concepts of analytic numbers, the analytic field and analytic gauge functions are introduced and defined. The sub-field analytic gauge theory has an enormous application to the fields of topology, number theory, QFTs, amongst others, some of which are(More)
This paper describes the design and the performance of a virtual simulation environment to evaluate a machine vision based pose estimation system used for the general problem of satellite servicing. The vision system features a wide angle monocular camera to track the interface ring of a non-cooperative satellite using ellipse extraction. The effects of the(More)
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