Thomas P. OHara

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This paper describes a semantically rich, human-aided machine annotation system created within the Ontological Semantics (OntoSem) environment using the DEKADE toolset. In contrast to mainstream annotation efforts, this method of annotation provides more information at a lower cost and, for the most part, shifts the maintenance of consistency to the system(More)
This paper discusses an approach to augmenting a lexicon for knowledge-based machine translation (KBMT) with information derived from WordNet. The Mikrokosmos project at NMSU's Computing Research Laboratory has concentrated on the creation of the Spanish and Japanese lexicons, so the English lexicon is less developed. We investigated using WordNet as a(More)
This paper describes the NMSU-Pitt-UNCA word-sense disambiguation system participating in the Senseval-3 English lexical sample task. The focus of the work is on using semantic class-based collocations to augment traditional word-based collocations. Three separate sources of word relatedness are used for these collocations: 1) WordNet hypernym relations; 2)(More)
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