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A gas-liquid chromatographic procedure is described which will separate and quantitate the seventeen amino acids typically found in protein acid hydrolyzates. If present, tryptophan, cysteine and carboxymethylcysteine can also be simultaneously assayed via this method. The amino acids, as their tert.-butyldimethylsilylated derivatives, are readily separable(More)
Free tryptophan (Trp), which is augmented by liberated free fatty acids (FFA) from adipose tissue, can induce mental fatigue via serotonin during exercise. Since an attenuation in FFA has been observed with omega-3 fatty acid (n-3fa) use, our purpose was to examine the effect of n-3fa supplementation on free Trp availability and exercise fatigue. Ten(More)
To determine the location of some sulfate esters on respiratory mucins, an unambiguous sequencing strategy was developed for a crude, monosulfated oligosaccharide fraction derived from tracheobronchial mucous glycoproteins, isolated from sputum from a patient with cystic fibrosis, and which possessed Ricinus communis-I lectin affinity. Employing(More)
Pseudomonas aeruginosa is a key player in the pathology and morbidity of cystic fibrosis. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which results from the most common and severe mutations in this genetic disorder, typically includes chronic infection with P. aeruginosa which, even with rugged antibiotic and physical therapy regimens, is rarely eradicated. It(More)
Prior investigations on the beneficial effect of dietary processed tomato products and lycopene on prostate cancer risk suggested that lycopene may require the presence of other constituents to exert its chemopreventive potential. We investigated whether ketosamines, a group of carbohydrate derivatives present in dehydrated tomato products, may interact(More)
Dried fruits and vegetables are known for their high content of D-fructose-amino acids, or Amadori compounds, which appear at the initial step of the Maillard reaction and may participate in redox reactions mediated by trace metals. In this study, we investigated complexation between Cu(II) and N(alpha)-(1-deoxy-D-fructos-1-yl)-L-histidine(More)
We report a detailed functional characterization of an Arabidopsis isopropylmalate dehydrogenase (AtIPMDH1) that is involved in both glucosinolate biosynthesis and leucine biosynthesis. AtIPMDH1 shares high homology with enzymes from bacteria and yeast that are known to function in leucine biosynthesis. In plants, AtIPMDH1 is co-expressed with nearly all(More)
Five sample digestion procedures were evaluated for the determination of Al, B, Ca, Cu, Fe, K, Mg, Mn, Na, P, S, Sr, and Zn in food samples by inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry. The 5 procedures include dry ashing at 500 degrees C, wet digestion with HNO3-HClO4, microwave digestion with HNO3, microwave digestion with HNO3-H2O2, and(More)
Clostridium perfringens is a gram-positive anaerobe and a pathogen of medical importance. The detection of acid phosphatase activity is a powerful diagnostic indicator of the presence of C. perfringens among anaerobic isolates; however, characterization of the enzyme has not previously been reported. Provided here are details of the characterization of a(More)
The structure of five sulfated oligosaccharide units of highly anionic tracheobronchial mucous glycoproteins, isolated from a cystic fibrosis patient's sputum, were established. Reduced oligosaccharides (84%) were released under alkaline borohydride conditions, and the acidic oligosaccharides (63%) were isolated by Dowex 1-X2 chromatography. Following the(More)