Thomas P Kemmer

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Using the method of dehydration and rehydration, rough endoplasmic reticulum (RER) vesicles, isolated by differential centrifugation, can be enlarged to giant liposomes with diameters ranging from 5 to 200 micron. Patch-clamp studies on these giant RER liposomes revealed the existence of a channel with a mean conductance of 260 +/- 7 pS (n = 23; 140(More)
OBJECTIVE In patients with severe brain injury (SBI) median-evoked somatosensory potentials (M-SSEP) serve as a prognostic tool. Bilateral loss of cortical responses (BLCR) is usually thought to be a reliable marker of poor prognosis. Prognostic accuracy to predict a poor outcome depends on the cause of coma and is best in hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy(More)
INTRODUCTION Critical-Illness-Polyneuropathy (CIP) is common in critically ill patients. In contrast to CIP arousing from primary non-neurological causes, studies dealing with CIP following a primary neurological illness are rare. This mono-center, retrospective study was performed to examine a) the incidence of CIP in patients after severe neurological(More)
The Digital Interactive Venus Atlas (DIVA) is a remote sensing information system for a catalog of SAR radar image data from the Magellan mission to Venus (1990–1994). The system consists of a Java based user interface accessible via the WWW, an image map pyramid covering almost the entire Venusian surface, a remote interface to a data archive and a(More)
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