Thomas P Kaufman

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BACKGROUND Many patients with recurrent lymphoma are unable to tolerate intensive therapies, or have disease that is refractory. Metronomic chemotherapy offers a novel, potentially less toxic yet effective treatment strategy. METHODS An analysis was performed on 75 lymphoma patients who were treated with the PEP-C regimen at a single institution. The(More)
Continuous exposure to naturally-derived chemotherapy agents such as etoposide may theoretically override drug resistance due to overexpression of the multidrug resistance gene product, p-glycoprotein. Dexamethasone in high dose may have a similar overriding effect. Data also suggest that ifosfamide both by continuous infusion and when combined with a(More)
PURPOSE This prospective randomized trial in extensive untreated Hodgkin's disease was undertaken to assess the potential benefit of augmented therapy (12 months chemotherapy or radiation to known disease) compared to standard 6 months chemotherapy. PATIENT AND METHODS A total of 258 patients, mostly Stage IV, were randomized to four treatment regimens(More)
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