Thomas P Hagemeyer

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Corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH) is centrally involved in coordinating responses to a variety of stress-associated stimuli. Recent clinical data implicate CRH in the pathophysiology of human affective disorders. To differentiate the CNS pathways involving CRH and CRH receptor 1 (Crhr1) that modulate behavior from those that regulate neuroendocrine(More)
Multidrug-resistance gene 1-type P-glycoproteins (ABCB1-type P-gps) protect the brain against the accumulation of many toxic xenobiotics and drugs. We recently could show that the access of the endogenous glucocorticoids corticosterone and cortisol to the brain are regulated by ABCB1-type P-gps in vivo. ABCB1-type P-gp function, therefore, is likely to(More)
We report the pathological anatomy of a patient aged 77 years at the time of death, who suffered from an arachnoid cyst situated near the right lower olive nucleus. This led to palsy of the hypoglossal nerve and partial gliosis of the brainstem with consecutive hemiatrophy of the tongue. This lesion did not seem to have any further effects onto clinical(More)
Wir berichten über das Krankheitsbild eines 77 Jahre alt gewordenen Patienten mit Hemiatrophie der Zungenbinnenmuskulatur rechts, verursacht durch eine den N. hypoglossus komprimierende Arachnoidalzyste im Bereich der rechten unteren Olive. Todesursache war eine fulminante Lungenembolie bei Bronchialkarzinom. Führender morphologischer Befund als Ursache(More)
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