Thomas P. Gordon

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Three studies were conducted with female sooty mangabeys to describe the occurrence of perineal swelling during pregnancy and to document the associated patterns of ovarian hormone secretion and sexual behavior. Menstrual cycles and pregnancies were charted in 29 female subjects by recording daily vaginal bleeding and perineal swelling. As in other swelling(More)
Age-related changes in glucocorticoid negative feedback inhibition of hypothalamic CRF and pituitary ACTH are observed in rodents. Attempts to study similar effects in humans have produced mixed results due in part to the difficulty in matching older subjects on social and lifestyle variables. The present study used female rhesus monkeys as a model for(More)
Psychosocial stress in humans has been related to the occurrence or progression of certain diseases and a positive social environment has been shown, in some cases, to ameliorate this effect. In many experimental studies changes in serum cortisol levels have been used as an endocrine-defined stress response, however, the variation in this measure under(More)
Four adult male rhesus monkeys formed a new social group with 13 adult females. The male who became dominant [alpha] showed a progressive increase in plasma testosterone. The male who became subordinate to the other three males showed an 80% fall in testosterone from baseline levels. After 7 weeks, this group was introduced to a well-established breeding(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze the performance of different commercial enzyme immunoassay (EIA) kits for measuring antibody levels of antinuclear antibodies (ANA) specific for double stranded (ds) DNA, SSB/La, Sm, and Scl-70. METHODS Twenty companies that were known major purveyors of EIA kits for detection of ANA were approached to determine their interest and(More)
Using a counterbalanced design, seven adult female rhesus monkeys were removed from their social group and housed in a novel environment both alone and with a companion chosen on the basis of quantitative affiliative behaviors. Blood samples (n = 2) were collected from all study animals before the exposure to the novel environment, then at 2, 24, and 96 h(More)