Thomas P. Costello

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Digital images blurred by space-variant point-spread functions of uncorrected physical optics may be efficiently restored using Wiener filtering on overlapping subimage frames. Frame size must be tailored to accommodate the displacement-dependent spreading and shifting of physical pointspread functions at large field angles to prevent circular convolution(More)
A description is given of the design, operation, and test over a 2-km path (roundtrip) of a continuous wave, coherent laser array receiver that uses two independent aperture-receivers whose intermediate frequencies are electro-optically co-phased in real time and then added as a proposed way to overcome effective aperture limitations imposed by atmospheric(More)
An asymmetric analytical model is presented for the spacevariant (SV) point-spread-function (PSF) of an optical system consisting of a single spherical lens with a rectangular aperture. The model is an improvement over a prior model in that additional parameters allow shifting of the central lobe and asymmetry of the sidelobes. Both of these effects are(More)
During a two-month period in 1976, male patients scheduled to be discharged from two Veterans Administration Hospitals, who were aged 55 or older, chronically ill, able to communicate rationally, and had been hospitalized at least a week for the current illness, were interviewed prior to discharge. Information was sought regarding their feelings about(More)
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